Sunday, June 04, 2006

June 2006 - Photo Update

Just thought I would post some miscellaneous
photographs just to catch you all up on our going's

Family pile up on Aleeya.

Our little kitty, Ernie. He is five months old
full of mischief. Shoey and Ernie are the best
of mates.

Shoey and our friend Sharon playing with Ernie.

Shohanna knows how to whip up a tune.
The hairbrush microphone is good enough for now.

Dad's mode of transport to and from work. He is
getting a little chilly in the mornings these days.

Findlay ready for his first day of School - Feb 2006

Findlay's swimming class.

Findlay's 5th Birthday (6 Apr 06)

Of course we had a party with a treasure hunt.

and we had ice cream cake

and Fin got lots of presents including a superman
scooter that he had been asking for since before
we left Seattle. His getting good at riding it now.

Shohanna's 1st Birthday

Shohanna turned one on 11 May 06. We had a little party with some of our friends here in Canberra. Shohanna's grandma was also visiting at the time which was special for us all.