Monday, June 04, 2007

Here are some photos to catch you all up on what has been happening with the Durant's in Australia.

Aleeya's latest style

Shoey's 2nd birthday

Fin's 1st day of school

Our Puppy - Bella (6mths)

The view of Nelson Bay from Tomaree Lookout

The kids at the beach

In mummy's sneakers

Time for some homework

Fin's Haircut (His choice not mine)

Fin's 6th Birthday

Our House (Well the bank's anyway)

Fin's nose after an early exit from the swing at Kristy's

Poppy (Aleeya's dad) and his girls.

Aleeya and her brothers, Chris and Vaughan, at Christmas 2006

Shohanna and Cousin Charlee at Christmas 2006

Stay posted for more updates in the future.
God Bless
The Durant's


The Young Family said...

So wonderful to see new pics! Family is growing fast!! Wow time flies doesn't it? Thank you for the updates! Em

Mackenzie said...

It is so great to see pics of you guys! Shoey is so beautiful! I miss you guys! Do you get to come here for a visit anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

So good to see some new pics! The kids are getting so big. Hope all is well with you!

Parties by Design said...

Finally! Thanks for sharing. Miss you all!!

Andrea said...

Yea! An update on the Durants!